The Oldest Civilizations of the World

The millions year old human history has wrapped the evidence of human existence around the span of time. Archaeologists and historians have made prominent effort to find out emergence of human civilization. Some evidence and proof of human civilizations have been found but some have been buried in the lapse of soil for ever that might have to be finding yet. Some of the oldest civilizations which ever existed are listed below.

The Mesopotamian Civilization

Name of Civilization: The Mesopotamian civilization
Period: 3500 BC–500 BC
Location: present Iraq, Syria, and Turkey
Meaning: Land between rivers.
Salient feature: First civilization in the world

Mesopotamian civilization is deemed as the first civilization ever emerged in human history. There is no such evidence which could provide proof that any civilization exist before the Mesopotamian civilization. It was the first period in human history where the idea of agriculture emerged and human swiftly stepped toward domesticating animals for the purpose of farming and domestic use. It was the first civilization which refined the art and human culture. This civilization developed in area which is present day Iraq.

Indus Valley Civilization

Name of Civilization:  The Indus Valley civilization
Period: 3300 BC–1900 BC
Original Location:  The basin of the Indus River Pakistan and Northeast Afghanistan
Salient feature:  The most widespread civilizations

Indus civilization, one of the oldest civilizations of the world lies near the Indus valley around Indus River in present day Pakistan. It is considered as one of the widespread civilization of the world which covers almost 1.3 million kilometres. The remains of the Indus civilization show that the inhabitants of this civilization were highly developed and civilized. They had the proper system of the irrigation, the canal system were proper managed. They had enriched culture and skilled in arts and crafts. The building designs show that the people were accurate in measurement and management. The weaponry evidence reveals that they were warriors.

The Ancient Egyptian Civilizations

Name of Civilization: Egyptian civilization
Period: (3150 BC)–(30 BC)
Location: Banks of the Nile, Egypt
Salient feature: Construction of triangular pyramids

The ancient Egyptian civilization is considered as one of the culture enriched civilization in the span of human course. The banks of river Nile is known as cradle of Egyptian civilization. The civilization has some unique majesty such as pharaohs, the great triangular pyramids and sphinx. According to archaeologists the civilization exists around 3151 BC. Egyptian civilization was one of the most advances and the agriculture system was highly developed. They had a well system of administration, army and religious institution which were exercised by relevant authorities.

Chinese civilization

Name of Civilization:  ancient Chinese civilization
Period: (1600 BC)–(1046BC)
Location: Yellow River and Yangtze region
Salient feature:  the Invention of paper and silk.

The Chinese civilization also known as the yellow river civilization lies around the yellow river in northern china. The very first evidence of Chinese civilization revealed itself 7000 to 8000 years ago. As indicated by the ruins of the Daxy Culture in Sychuan province, the Majiapang Culture in Jiangsu province, the Hemodo Culture in eastern Zhejiang and the Yangshuo Culture along the middle reaches of the Yellow River and its surroundings. There were the arts of China.  Arts are one of the fundamental characteristics of the Chinese civilization.

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